Industry Power Plant

Safe Processes Facilitate Productivity

All industrial operations have processes in place to ensure efficiency and standards of safety are maintained.

Bruker IMS-based detection systems, including RAID-M 100, RAID-AFM and RAID-S2 NC are perfectly suited to compliment these processes.

Our handheld RAID-M 100 makes the search for leaks of toxic materials and chemicals simple and provides instantaneous and accurate detection results.

Our stationary instruments, RAID-AFM and RAID-S2 NC are perfect for monitoring environments where chemical and combined chemical/radiological hazards are of concern.

We have also developed a commercially-available DMS (Dimethyl-sulphate) detector and identification system that is a lightweight, battery powered device. This hand-held detector is capable of finding a target substance at 300 times below the OSHA exposure limit of 1 ppm.

All of our equipment can be used stand alone or in an array and merged with existing networks.  Bruker also offers bespoke systems specifically tailored to meet the customer’s needs and a consulting service that can be engaged when projects are planned.

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