nanoDMA Workshop

February 27, Bruker French Office, Palaiseau, France

Bruker invites you to an interactive workshop to discover our new, revolutionary AFM nano-Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (nDMA). This is the first and only AFM solution that accurately and repeatably correlates to bulk DMA. It enables complete viscoelastic materials properties characterization as a function of frequency and temperature at the nanometre scale. These new capabilities will be demonstrated on the new Dimension XR SPM systems.

The event will additionally present other state of the art techniques for AFM mechanical measurement, including hight accuracy Peak Force Quantitative Nanomechanical Mapping (PFQNM), Fast Force Volume, high speed mechanical properties and more. Our keynote invited speaker is Dr Philippe Leclère from University of Mons.

Invited Speakers

  • Dr Bede Pittenger, Bruker Santa Barbara, USA
    Leader in Bruker nDMA Development Team
  • Dr Philippe Leclère, Mons University

Areas of Application

Plastics, polymers, rubbers, thin film, alloys, interface, flexible electronics, rheology and more.

Who Should Participate

The seminar is beneficial for researchers and engineers interested in viscoelastic properties measurement at the nanoscale. If you are a Scanning Probe Microscopy user wanting to extend your research capabilities, or a chemist using DSC or DMA techniques, then this interactive workshop is for you.

Revolutionary AFM-nDMA

For the first time, an AFM provides complete and quantitative viscoelastic analysis of polymers at the nanoscale, probing materials at rheologically relevant frequencies (0.1 -20kHz), in the linear regime, for nanoscale measurements of storage modulus, loss modulus, loss tangent and activation energy that tie directly to bulk DMA. 

  • Full complex module characterization: storage modulus, loss modulus and damping factor (loss tangent)
  • Determination of activation energy (from Arrhenius law)
  • AFM based polymer master curves
  • Frequency range from 0,1Hz à 20 kHz
  • Temperature up to 250°C

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Bruker France, 7 rue de la Croix Martre, 91120 Palaiseau, France

Contact : Paola Spano