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World-class Bruker NMR Trainings 2021
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Our Virtual Tour for Analytical Magnetic Resonance Solutions

There has never been a better time to learn something new.

Welcome to Bruker’s Virtual Meeting Room. In these trying times of social distancing and working from home, Bruker wants to assure everyone that we are here for you and are committed to keep you up to date on the latest in our technology and applications. This website will serve as your resource for all of our digital communications including tutorials, webinars and product videos. You also can submit a question or request a conversation with one of our experts who would be more than happy to have a chat about your experiments.
We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!

Online Training and Further Reading

Now is the best time to learn something new! Find a schedule of our NMR trainings now available online. Registration open!

Managing and delegating work remotely can be challenging for both small startups, and large biotechs.

Check our new journal club space for scientific papers that we find interesting and currently relevant!

Online Training Courses in April

Become familiar with a wide range of analysis types available in Mnova qNMR for qNMR concentration and purity/potency determinations. This will include manual, assisted or fully automated batch processing analysis.

Our colleagues Dr. Pablo Monje and (CEO) Santi Domínguez will demonstrate Mnova Binding, a chemical shift perturbation analysis tool for fragment-based drug discovery. Learn how to automatically process 2D HSQC type of protein-ligand titration spectra, track the peak movement and compute the Kd‘s for multiple peaks.

Our colleague will demonstrate Mbook, a professional web-based Electronic Laboratory Notebook designed, developed and, tested by scientists with very well defined user roles for research and manufacturing groups as well as analytical capabilities.

Learn about our most recent product launches

Bruker envisions that interconnected high-field NMR spectrometers at central forensic laboratories and benchtop FOURIER CrimeLab 80 MHz FT-NMRs at local labs will enable law enforcement to unambiguously identify suspicious known or new psychoactive substances. Benchtop FT-NMR is made easy for novices by the new push-button, non-expert software GoScan.

StereoFitter is an advanced tool for 3D conformational and configurational analysis using experimental constraints from NMR spectra. Designed for chemists and researchers from different fields with questions about stereochemistry, StereoFitter contains all the tools needed to derive relative configuration and conformation in solution for small molecules by N

In case you missed us at ENC 2020 this year, join our webinar to learn about the latest advancements in NMR including our record-breaking 1.2 GHz spectrometer and other new products that improve efficiency and sensitivity of NMR experiments.


The Bruker Magnettech ESR5000 is designed for today’s laboratory requirements. It combines easy operation with X-band research grade sensitivity and affordability. The magnet provides a wide field range without cooling water requirement. The robustness of the instrument allows it to be used in the laboratory and factory floor.

Enabling advanced characterization of materials, natural products, biomolecules and polymorphs with a three-fold boost in sensitivity, the new CPMAS CryoProbeTM reduces the measurement time by one order of magnitude! Enhanced sensitivity through the use of cryogenically cooled electronics and RF circuitry, as well as optimized RF coil design, enable traditional solid-state NMR techniques on challenging samples.

During this webinar, Dr. Federico Paruzzo discusses the first NMR application based on artificial intelligence developed by Bruker: the automatic signal region detection for 1H NMR spectra. After presenting the team behind this effort, he gives some technical details on set up we used to develop this deep learning application and compare its performance with other TopSpin methods to detect signal regions. Finally, he demonstrates how to use this application in practice, and highlight some results obtained on experimental spectra. 

During these challenging times Bruker wants to be with you. Together with several collaborators and friends, we put together a series of educational webinars that will give you insights into virus prevention and treatment. You will hear about antiviral small molecule drugs, biotherapeutics, vaccines and their mechanism of action, directly, from the experts. We hope you enjoy the time with us!

Detection of illegal drugs is an ongoing battle and the rapid analysis and identification of prohibited substances is critical to prevent their importation and widespread distribution.

À medida que todos avaliamos nosso papel na assistência de uma recuperação global, o aprendizado contínuo se tornou fundamental. Na Bruker damos muito valor ao que escutamos e aprendemos com nossos clientes, o que nos motiva a trabalhar em soluções para novas demandas. Pedimos então a oportunidade de aprendermos juntos e de ouvir sua opinião sobre qual direção devemos seguir.

Managing and delegating work remotely can be challenging for both small startups, and large biotechs. How can research teams manage workflow in a controlled, efficient manner? How can management limit the chance of repetition when working with multiple teams across the globe?

In this webinar, Dr Kalina Ranguelova from Bruker BioSpin, will provide an overview of various industrial and academic applications and literature examples using electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy to understand paramagnetic behavior of different polymer materials.

Christian Richter from GU Frankfurt will discuss how he and his colleagues are part of the organization researching COVID19 with NMR. This will coincide with video of Dr. Schwalbe (Christian's boss).

Our customers and technology in front line response to COVID-19

The ANPC team, led by world-renowned phenomics pioneer and academician Professor Jeremy Nicholson, and working with the South Metropolitan Health Service COVID-19 Response Team and the broader Western Australian (WA) healthcare community, has launched a major research and diagnostics project to better understand and predict variation in COVID-19 severity and determine the complex genetic, environmental and lifestyle interactions that influence its pathogenicity in individuals. Later they will engage with clinical trials of novel antiviral agents and when available vaccines in order to predict responder/non-responder outcomes.

Researchers in Western Australia are leading the fight to understand why young, healthy patients are getting very sick and dying from COVID-19 while others in their cohort are barely affected. The Australian National Phenome Centre, south of Perth, is one of the hubs ramping up research to find out why this is happening. 

Bruker Corporation announced a distribution agreement with Primer Design Ltd (UK), a subsidiary of Novacyt SA, for Bruker-Hain Diagnostics to distribute the CE-IVD-labeled genesig® real-time PCR coronavirus (COVID-2019) assay, effective immediately. Bruker-Hain Diagnostics has a portfolio of DNA/RNA extraction and preparation systems and kits.