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ISBER 2021 Virtual Symposium

October 4 and 5, 2021; Virtual

At this meeting

Bruker is proud to participate in this year’s Virtual ISBER Virtual Symposium on October 4 and 5, 2021. We would like to thank the organizers of ISBER for continuing to support the BioBank community and for providing a platform for all of us to come together, even though we cannot meet in person.

This event is completely virtual; please register to the event on the ISBER 2021 Annual Meeting website.

Meet us at our virtual booth and don’t miss Bruker’s presentation by Roland Leiminger, Bruker BioSpin GmbH, Germany

Expand the future use of biobank samples using NMR-based clinical research solutions *

* Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures

NMR used under complete standardization allows fully automated QC for incoming biospecimens into biobanks, delivering relevant quality checks with one measurement. Adding spectral information and quantification to the metadata kept in a biobank, allows to retrieve spectra to be used in clinical trials e.g. as controls, such reducing the need to use new aliquots. Those data can be shared with all biobanks or researchers worldwide applying the same SOPs. Thus allowing common data analysis like in the International Phenome Center Network (IPCN), where research groups worldwide came together to build integrated spectral bases for epidemiological questions as well as disease monitoring resulting in faster progress than individual groups could have made. For example, if longitudinal collections of human cohorts are available in biobanks, personalized metabolic profiles can be built from the NMR data, generating a health trajectory, whose deviations can be identified at very early time points, allowing e.g. dietary intervention to re-establish healthy metabolic trajectories or common spectral bases can be used to build high performance tools to study the complex COVID-19 systemic disease with multi-organ effects and to follow up recovered patients to better understand the long-term health effects of COVID-19 exposure. 

Presented by: Roland Leiminger

Roland Leiminger

Director Clinical Key Account Management at Bruker Biospin

Roland Leiminger is a trained instrumental analyst and process engineer. He has decades of experience in the development and implementation of new diagnostics in laboratory diagnostics as well as in the medical clinical field. His diverse successful stations ranged from the Fraunhofer Institute-IPA to various environmental-water-technical analytical fields of work. He developed new diagnostic procedures, introduced new diagnostic parameters into clinical diagnostics. As examples, his stations at BRAHMS, Thermofisher, Biocrates and Bruker are worth mentioning.


His background in clinical diagnostics ranges from infection diagnostics (PCT, neopterin) to tumor markers, first trimester screening and metabolomics diagnostics with its many facets. His experience goes far beyond the metabolomic profiling approach using NMR and LC MS/MS.

As an entrepreneur and networker, he strives to establish new diagnostic tools.

The goal is patient-centered analytics for future personalized outcome-oriented patient care.

For him, biobanks are the key to accurate and reproducible evidence-based medicine worldwide, with special consideration of regional differences and circumstances.