Vutara 352

Vutara Super Resolution Microscope

A Complete Solution for Single Molecule Localizaton Microscopy

The Bruker Vutara 352 enables quantitative imaging at the nanoscale using super-resolution fluorescence microscopy based on single molecule localization. Includes techniques such as (f)PALM, STORM, dSTORM, DNA-PAINT.  

  • Vutara’s proprietary Biplane technology provides easy 3-D localization microscopy imaging in every experiment and allows imaging depths of >30 μm. 
  • Has the ability to image multiple sample types, from live cell SMLM and fixed immunofluorescence microcopy in a variety of sample types. Sample types include: purified protein, cultured cells, tissue sections and model organisms.
  • Single molecule particle tracking (SMLM tracking)
  • A flat, homogenous excitation source in an epi-fluorescent configuration allows for even illumination of the field of view allowing the whole data set to be used for statistical analysis. 
  • High-speed detection with latest generation sCMOS cameras and powerful lasers enable fast imaging and live-cell single molecule localization microscopy. 
  • SRX provides a complete single molecule localization software package with real time localization, visualization and analysis solutions.
  • Optional fully integrated microfluidics system allows easy yet powerful multiplexed imaging with the Vutara 352 for genomics and proteomics approaches.

Sophisticated real time localization imaging and visualization tools bring your results to life, and the Quantitative Localization Microscopy (QLM) analysis suite puts information at your fingertips.

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Vutara 352 tool image v2
DNA PAINT microtubules

Acquire and Analyze

A Complete Solution, From Acquisition to Analysis

With SRX software and its Quantitative Localization Microscopy analysis suite, Vutara 352 can provide visual and quantitative information from biological samples. By localizing individual molecules, Vutara can generate stunning 3-D images while simultaneously providing in-depth quantitative analysis tools.

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Every Acquisition is 3-D

Proprietary biplane technology, combined with a spatial filter in the emission light path, allows you to acquire 3-D data with every acquisition. For thicker specimens, the Vutara allows you to easily perform a Z series and automatically localizes and reconstructs the entire volume.






Reconstructed Z Projection

Single Molecule Imaging Far from the Cover Slip

The Vutara 352 is capable of imaging far from the surface of the coverslip to accommodate a wide range of sample types. Thanks to the proprietary biplane technology, the Vutara 352 with the SRX software can perform single molecule localization microscopy on more sample types than any other commercial single molecule localization microscope available. Making cultured cells, cell colonies, tissue sections, and entire model organisms accessible for your single molecule localization experiments.

Biplane imaging with up to 100 micron illumination depth

Vutara SRX Quantitative Localization Microscopy suite

Turn Localizations into Information

Vutara’s Quantitative Localization Microscopy suite allows you to turn localizations into meaningful results.

The Vutara SRX workflow-driven software guides users through the setup, calibration, imaging, processing, and analysis of the super-resolution single molecule localization experiment.

The Vutara SRX software combines real-time localization processing with powerful 3-D visualization and analysis tools to let researchers quickly create publication-quality videos, images, and measurements.