ALPHA II FT-IR Spectrometer

The ALPHA II provides an optimal instrument design for almost each sample and therefore is greatly suitable for a large variety of applications.

One of the most important applications of the ALPHA II is quality control in various industries. Here the FT-IR spectroscopic analysis is predominantly utilized to verify the identity and specifications of raw materials and products. Additionally the ALPHA II allows the identification of unknown samples. This is particularly valuable for an effective failure analysis, e.g. when examining a contamination which caused a product defect.

In criminalistics the possibility to determine unknown substances is applied to identify drugs and also trace evidence. 

The availability of liquid cells and various ATR options for the ALPHA II allow performing quantitative analysis with always the optimal measurement conditions for the respective sample type. There are dedicated ALPHA II analyzers with internal calibrations available which perform the quantitative analysis of quality-related parameters in wine and the determination of FAME in diesel.

Due to its compact design and its intuitive usability the ALPHA II also is predestined to be used for teaching.

Furthermore several mobility options provide for the portable use of the ALPHA II. Mounted on a tripod and powered by a battery pack the ALPHA II can measure art objects on-site and contactless. The gathered information helps in art conservation.

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