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Pharmaceutical Applications of Raman

Strictest requirements must be met in the development, production and quality control of pharmaceuticals. According to the principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), highest precision and accuracy in the analysis must be ensured.

In short, this costs one thing above all: time.

That's why the key to productive quality control is a device that helps you get the job done and supports you where it's most needed.

The SENTERRA II is a confocal Raman imaging microscope that serves many applications in the pharmaceutical industry. Study polymorphism in APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients), examine processed products such as transdermal patches with active ingredients or learn more about the distribution of APIs and excipients in capsules, tablets and pills.

Most importantly, the OPUS spectroscopy software and the instrument are fully compliant with current pharmaceutical industry regulations. This includes USP, Ph. Eur. as well as FDA guideline 21 CFR part 11.

Free of charge, Bruker put together a package of info material to illustrate the benefits of Raman microscopy and SENTERRA II. To get an impression of the content, please download our flyer here.

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