Arxspan Notebook

Benefits of Arxspan Notebook vs Traditional ELN Platform

Deployment of Arxspan Notebook saves time, reduces budget, and eliminates the complexities of deploying a robust, fault-tolerant application service.

Ease of Use

  • Support for chemistry and biology experiments and workflows
  • Keyword, advanced, and chemical searching
  • Template creation for common protocols and experiments
  • Attachment and in-line editing for all Microsoft Office, image, and instrument files

Infrastructure and Data Security

  • Global cloud software – no software to install or update
  • No need for servers and/or database purchases
  • Secure, audited data facility and procedures
  • Regular client data backups available
  • System updated every six weeks

Sharing of Data Internally and Externally

  • Cloud-based system accessible from any browser
  • View and/or write sharing capabilities at notebook and project level
  • Configurable user role and permission hierarchies
  • Group auto-share notebooks
  • CRO data access and input management

Integration with Other Systems and Software 

  • Out of box integration with legacy ELN systems
  • Native integration with PerkinElmer ChemDraw ®
  • Underlying ChemAxon chemical intelligence
  • Enterprise capability
  • Single sign-on (SSO) capabilities

Deploy ELN globally in minutes 

  • Deployment in the private, secure Arxspan Cloud environment eliminates costly hardware acquisition, maintenance and IT overhead

Legal and Regulatory Compliance 

  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • Experiment audit trails and user/activity logs
  • Experiment signing and witnessing workflows
  • SAFE BioPharma compatibility for multi-factor capabilities
  • Support for validation of system and system updates
Arxspan ELN
Arxspan notebook ELN 2
Arxspan Notebook ELN 3