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Bench-top EPR Spectrometer

Expanding the Bruker bench-top family with a small footprint spectrometer for research and industrial applications.

Our bench-top Magnettech ESR5000 EPR spectrometer meets the demands of today's and tomorrow's academic and industrial laboratories. Magnettech ESR5000 is an innovative instrument with high quality performance for your research needs. It offers dedicated and tailored turn-key systems for specific quality control applications as well as systems for pharmaceutical R&D applications.

Reliable Performance

The Bruker Magnettech MSR5000 is designed for today’s laboratory requirements. It combines easy operation with X-band research grade sensitivity and affordability. The magnet provides a wide field range without cooling water requirement. The robustness of the instrument allows it to be used in the laboratory and factory floor.

Easy to Use

Customizable workspaces for data acquisition and data evaluation are standard in the Magnettech MSR5000 software. Learning the software and operating the instrument is so easy that even personnel with minimal training can work with Magnettech MSR5000 spectrometer.

Technical Specifications

Operating frequency

Sensitivity5 x 10E10 spins/mT (5 x 10E9 spins/G)
Microwave power     1 µW to 100 mW
Concentration sensitivity50 pM
Field homogeneity5 µT (50 mG) within sample region
Field stability 1.0 µT/h (10 mG/h)
Sweep resolution (field and time)≥125,000 points
Magnetic field range0 to 650 mT (0 - 6500 G)
Modulation Frequency10 kHz and 100 kHz




Magnetech Autosampler


The autosampler enables automatic sample insertion into the spectrometer, thus providing better reproducibility and measurement productivity for large number of samples compared to manual insertion. Read More



Magnetech Optical Irradiation

Optical Irradiation

The optical irradiation accessory provides the ability to study photochemical radical reactions or photophysical production of excited paramagnetic states.                                Read More

Magnetech TC

Variable Temperature Accessories

A variety of variable temperature options offer both low and high temperature studies for studies of transition metal complexes, unstable radical species, or thermal stability of samples.                                                          Read More

Magnetech Glassware


Sample properties dictate the choice of the sample holder. A wide range of capillaries, sample tubes, flat cells, tissue cells, and finger dewars enable optimal measurement of a wide class of samples.                              Read More

Magnetech Goniometer


The Goniometer offers the study of anisotropic samples such as single crystals or thin films. The sample can be rotated between 0 and 360 degrees with a precision of 0.1 degree.                                                     Read More

The Many Applications of EPR

From cell membranes to nano-diamonds, EPR applications spread far and wide through many fields: chemistry, material research, life science, quantum physics, and quality control.

State-of-the-art EPR Operation & Analysis Software

ESRStudio is a powerful and user friendly software for EPR measurements with some of the most modern and fluent workflow based user interfaces.

A new user can start the program, analyze, and interpret their results. More advanced users will find the necessary features and analysis tools to acquire and analyze data for their advanced scientific projects.

ESRStudio supports several file formats for import. The standard export is XML, that are structured ASCII files that can be used for processing using external applications. Import functions allow analysis of previously acquired measurements.

Key Features

  • User friendly EPR/ESR operating software available
  • User/application based customization
  • Workflow for automated spectrum evaluation
  • Automated lab report generation
  • Remote access - access your EPR/ESR spectrometer from anywhere in the world via internet


The Magnettech MSR5000 ESR/EPR spectrometer is connected to a computer via Ethernet. This allows flexible installation and convenient measurement & control arrangement using short cables.

Encrypted remote access allows the user to monitor and control the measurement process from any computer within the network, and if desired, from anywhere in the world via. internet.

This remote access also allows Bruker to access the machine (with customer’s permission) to provide online training and remote technical support.

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