Honey-Profiling™ 2.0, a powerful solution to tackle honey fraud

Honey has become a prime target for economically motivated adulteration, being in high demand, and short supply. This may involve the addition of cheap-to-produce sugar syrups to increase the volume of honey or claiming a false geographic origin or floral source to elevate the retail value.

This type of food fraud has historically been difficult to detect, but the multi-marker and non-targeted analytical capability of NMR has provided an effective solution. The value of NMR analysis of honey is further elevated by the establishment of the Honey Profiling Consortium,  a collaboration between Bruker BioSpin and testing labs.

Through this collaboration, a comprehensive database of reference honeys has been built and is routinely updated with new variants for botanical and geographical verification. This up-to-date reference library allows Honey-Profiling to detect several hundred compounds in a sample simultaneously to reliably categorize the honey. Analysis takes 20 minutes, compared to current methods that can take up to 2 days.

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