Honey-Profiling™ 2.0, a powerful solution to tackle honey fraud

Verification of honey authenticity in 25 minutes

Honey-Profiling™ 2.0 based on 1H-NMR was developed in collaboration with the partners QSI and Alnumed. The new release addresses the increasing need for non-targeted methods to tackle new and sophisticated fraud in honey.

The method, which features an expanded reference database, further improves the detection rate of the most common forms of fraud in honey. The fully automated analysis allows:

  • Detection of addition of sugar syrups, including inappropriate bee feeding, based on a multitude of markers and patterns
  • Verification of botanical variety and geographical origin (on pollen free honey samples) through sophisticated statistical analyses
  • Simultaneous identification and absolute quantification of compounds like sugars, acids, amino acids and fermentation parameters, which give information about the quality of the honey
  • Detection of deviations of the NMR profile compared to reference profiles, including the detection of new frauds in early stage

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