The Versatile Sample Changer

Modern day industry standard for sample arrangements

The SampleJet utilizes the modern day industry standard for sample arrangements—the 96 well plate array. Therefore the samples may be handled by standard lab-automation devices before or after the NMR measurement. On top of this, the SampleJet is designed also for true sequential single tube submission for open-access routine NMR.


With the SampleJet, NMR completely blends into the scenery of modern day labautomation. The space requirement for the SampleJet is in full compliance with the space requirements for the NMR magnet. The SampleJet may be mounted on magnets from 300 to 900 MHz. Continuous NMR sample tube automation is available in the microtiter-plate format. This includes automated liquid handling, automated tube handling and NMR automation software.


  • Spinner-free open access applications: SampleJet provides 96 positions for tubes without requiring spinners (plus 3 positions for tubes with spinners)
  • The SampleJet has five positions for well-plate sized NMR tube racks. This allows the handling of batches with up to 480 sample tubes.
  • The SampleJet can handle the most common sample tube diameters
    such as 5 mm and 1 mm tubes.
  • Automatic tube and rack bar code identification
  • The SampleJet is compatible with the Bruker BioSpin spectrometer
    control software such as XWinNMR™ or TopSpin™ as well as IconNMR™.