WaferClean 2200

The Bruker WaferClean® 2200 (WC2200) System is the ideal processing system for implementing CO2 cleaning into a production line.  The system is a fully automated, stand-alone system that provides cassette to cassette substrate handling in our environmentally controlled, low particulate processing chamber.  The user interface is through a color monitor where our easy to use software is accessible and can be configured to your specific process requirements.
Key system features include:

  • Advanced environmental control to ensure low particles in a low dew point processing environment
  • Failsafe system monitoring to prevent system failures and ensure high quality wafer processing day in and day out
  • Proven high uptime through our experience with high volume manufacturers
  • Consistent process results all day, every day in 24/7 production environments
  • Windows 10-based software provides for easy operation and system maintenance.  Through our optional SECS/GEM package, communications with a host computer is easy to implement and provides complete system control
  • Sophisticated CO2 delivery ensures that you minimize operational costs and never run out of feedgas
  • A large number of options are available to customize your system to meet your specific process requirements.

Contact your local Bruker sales person for more details on the WC2200 system and find out how it can help you resolve your most difficult contamination problems.

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