Semiconductor Metrology JVX7300HR


The Bruker JVX7300HR is a state of the art X-ray metrology platform for monitoring epi processing at 14nm and above. It incorporates the patented FastHRXRD and FastXRR channels for superior performance on the monitoring of epi films.

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JVX7300 tool image v1a
JVX7300 HR OCD pad image v1




The JVX7300HR is extensively used in industry for the monitoring of SiGe, Si:C and Si:P films. By using the HRXRD and XRR channels, composition, relaxation, strain and thickness of single and multiple layer epi films can be extracted, even on FD-SOI and OCD pads.



Recent advances in measurement and analysis capability have allowed the determination of the Si strain measured on OCD pads. The OCD pads have a series of parallel lines with length equal to the test-pad size with Si is printed at the CD and SiGe is printed at the S/D size. This forms a representative structure related to the device in which to measure the channel strain.

JVX7300 HR SiGe Si v1
JVX7300 HR layer stack graph v1




FastXRR can be used to measure the individual thickness and density each ultra-thin layer in a stack. This can be used for high-K / metal gate process, with a single measurement covering each layer.