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Dimension FastScan Pro

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High-Resolution Imaging & Most Precise Measurements

PeakForce Tapping® enables consistent, high-resolution AFM imaging.

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Unique technology enables pinpoint force to any atom on your sample.

The most precise probe-sample control permits widest range of sample types, from soft polymers, thin films and electrical samples to very hard materials.

Precise probe-to-sample control and unique probe technologies.

Provide the lowest available imaging forces and long probe tip life over hundreds of engages and data scans.

FastScan Pro ScanAsys tAir PFT v1

Glass substrate with low roughness values of Rq=0.194 nm, Ra=0.153 nm.

Unique, Quantitative Results, Whatever You Measure

PeakForce Tapping’s piconewton force sensitivity provides quantitative data.

FastScan Pro trench resolution v2

ScanAsyst® and standard Bruker probes easily reach the bottom of trenches, here a depth of ~65nm and a width of ~50 nm.


Measure sub-nanometer steps to high-aspect ratio trenches.

Highest resolution AFM topography achieves nanometer step metrology with Angstroms resolution. In addition, Bruker industrial probes and PeakForce Tapping enable High Aspect Ratio depth metrology not available with other systems in this class.

Analyze high volumes of data with consistent resolution in production.

Dimension platform enables loading single large or multiple smaller samples for efficiency and higher throughput maintaining FastScan and Icon technology performance.

FastScan Pro 3D geometry v1

Semi-automated 24/7 operation enables characterization of 3D geometry for process control.

Easy to Use, Making Every User an AFM Expert

Achieve precise, accurate measurements, whatever your AFM experience level

FastScan Pro Recipe Window v1

Recipe window showing wafer-based layout for precise, user-defined X-Y measurement locations within a wafer.

Eliminate the complexity of AFM operation.

ScanAsyst algorithms in conjunction with AutoMET software automatically and continuously monitor the image quality and make needed parameter adjustments.

Automate measurements on multiple samples.

AutoMET™ full-recipe software delivers fast, automated metrology, simple operation, and AFM adaptability for easy capture of critical-to-quality measurements.

FastScan Pro Recipe Window for wafers v1

Easy measurement recipe creation allows engineers to define location by name, assign any type, and number measurements at each location.

Most Reliable Platform and Unrivalled Support

Dedicated to keeping you up and running, and helping with your manufacturing challenges.

FastScan Pro AFM 30 years medallion v1

Lower costs through operational efficiencies.

The Dimension platform has the largest installed base of any AFM in the semiconductor, data storage, HB-LED and polymer industries.

Apps team v2

Benefit from our support staff’s broad range of industrial applications knowledge.

Training and service centers around the globe, plus a dedicated support web site, ensure you receive timely, capable, and personalized system support.