S1 TITAN Camera & Small Spot Collimator options

  • The S1 TITAN can be equipped with an integrated camera to provide visualization and accurate positioning of the measurement spot.
  • The small spot collimator option provides a small measurement area for the isolation of small features to be tested.

Thanks to the S1 TITAN’s SharpBeamTM optimized geometry, the precision and accuracy of the measurement are the same as for the normal spot- there is no need to extend the measurement time to achieve the desired precision.


  • Small spot isolates specific sampling area

    • S1 TITAN 800: 5mm standard. Optional 8mm or 3mm
    • S1 TITAN 600, 300 and 200: 5mm

  • Camera ensures accurate measurement positioning

    • S1 TITAN 800: Included
    • S1 TITAN 600: Optional
    • S1 TITAN 300: Optional
    • S1 TITAN 200: Not available

  • Save up to 5 images per assay
  • Provides record of measurement spot
  • Images easily import into reports
  • Camera resolution: 640 x 480


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Screen capture from S1 TITAN
S1 TITAN with Camera & Small Spot
Screen capture from S1 TITAN
Sample Report

Contact our sales team to learn more about these S1 TITAN options!