Why the S8 TIGER?

The spectrometer of choice for WDXRF analysis in your industrial application

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Here’s another reason why the S8 TIGER is a superior choice for Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis

REASON #5 – Easy operation

The measurement of any sample is easy using the S8 TIGER’s intuitive TouchControl™ touchscreen user interface. Just place the sample in the magazine and select any routine application with a touch of a quick start button.

With TouchControl, any user can perform accurate analytical measurements. Just use the touchscreen to select the application and key in the sample ID.

You have the option of adding additional information, such as preparation method or sample weight. Then simply start the measurement and view the results on-screen.

Want even easier operation? Place the sample in the loader, tap the touchscreen for a predefined automatic application, then see your results.

TouchControl benefits

TouchControl benefits
  • Intuitive operation. No operator training required.
  • Standalone operation in the toughest environments. No PC, mouse or keyboard required.
  • Unmatched data integrity. Routine analysis is separated from advanced tasks like calibration, evaluation and extended reporting.
  • Designed for industrial environments and round-the-clock operation.

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