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I?S, microfocus source, sc-xrd component

IμS and IμS 3.0 with Molybdenum Radiation

Quality data from very small crystals

The IμS and IμS 3.0, both equipped with HELIOS optics deliver a 2D focused beam that provides a flux density significantly higher than that of a 3KW Mo sealed tube or a 5.4 KW rotating anode with graphite monochromator. For very small crystals, the D8 QUEST with IμS shows an intensity gain of more than 15x compared to a standard sealed tube system.

Application - Small mineral sample

I?S with Molybdenum Radiation
IμS with Molybdenum Radiation

Often only very small crystalline specimens can be obtained that elude structural investigation using conventional sources. The Molybdenum IμS source with its small high intensity beam (120 μm FWHM) is ideally suited to investigate tiny samples, providing maximal flux density at the crystal and minimizing scatter from air and crystal mount.

  • 2.61% structure from a 80 μm x 40 μm x 2 μm crystal of Szenicsite.