S8 TIGER Series 2

XRF2 Small spot mapping

Element mapping and particle analysis is most important for troubleshooting in production and in material research.

The XRF2 mapping tool of the S8 TIGER Series 2 offers unrivalled analytical performance: Down to 300 μm spot size (FWHM) and 100 μm step size the S8 TIGER sets the benchmark for this kind of instrumentation!

With up to 10 times higher sensitivity due to HighSense mapping optics the S8 TIGER Series 2 is ideal for the elemental mapping of majors, minors and traces.

Using the WDXRF goniometer the S8 TIGER delivers better resolution and more efficient light and heavy element detection than EDXRF based mapping systems.

Smallest Spot Size

  • 300 μm spot
  • 1,25 mm alternatively
  • 100 μm step size HD mapping alternatively


WDXRF performance

  • Best light element analysis with dedicated proportional counter
  • Optimal heavy element detection with scintillation counter
  • High WDXRF resolution


Best intensity

  • More than ten times higher sensitivity
  • HighSense beam path
  • Trace element detection in mapping
Small spot mapping
XRF 2 Small spot mapping
Meteorite Sample
Meteorite Sample