X-ray Metrology

X-ray Metrology Solution for the semiconductor industry

The D8 FABLINE is the fully automated X-ray metrology tool for the semiconductor industry, with applications in the front - and back end of the process line and packaging. Whether for R&D purposes or production quality control, the D8 FABLINE offers fast, non-destructive, high precision thin film analysis on blanket or structured wafers. The D8 FABLINE is tailored for your applications and needs.

In HRXRD configuration, it offers thickness, composition and strain analysis on epitaxial layers. It may come in XRR mode that enables the thickness, density and roughness determination of thin-multi-layers. A µ-XRF module is offered for composition and thickness analysis on metal filmstacks. A combination of several applications is possible as well.

The S8 FABLINE-T is the tool for monitoring metal contamination on the wafer surface by TXRF. It performs full mapping of light, medium and heavy metals on the entire 300 mm or 450 mm wafer.