My Day: Natascha, Team Leader Human Resources

„I always loved to meet people from various cultures and with different backgrounds. No wonder that my role as Team Leader Human Resources at Bruker Zürich-Fällanden suits me very well.“

Natascha likes very much to work for an internationally acting group of companies, giving her the opportunity to handle a broad variety of tasks. Her role at Bruker includes all kinds of HR tasks – from supporting employees in all job-related issues, performing recruiting activities and HR marketing to dealing with authorities, social insurance and other organizations.

Natascha lived and worked for a couple of years in the U.S. and other countries, and now she benefits from her time abroad. She not only learned the languages, but also the insights into cultural differences and similarities. It helps her “tick the right boxes“ when it comes to working with international colleagues or applicants.



8:30 a.m.

First, I check my email accounts for requests that I received during the night from colleagues from other time zones. A colleague from Santa Barbara asks me some questions about a Swiss CV that he received, which contains titles, degrees and qualifications unknown in the US.



11:00 a.m.

Meeting with my team on some major changes in global HR policies. I delegate the issue to a co-worker and start to assess external applications submitted by specialists from different countries. Some profiles and CVs match perfectly with current positions posted on our HR website.



3:00 p.m.

After working on some reports, I hold calls with social insurances. A colleague from Bruker comes to our desk asking us to help him with a form he needs to fill out. No big deal for me, so this can be done quickly. There is a lot of work to be done yet!



6:00 p.m.

I’m leaving for today. It’s time for my daily workout. I love doing sports such as running, wakeboarding on Lake Zurich in summer or snowboarding in winter.