Targeted Metabolomics

LC-MS based

By combining the latest TOF-MS technology with powerful software tools, several hundred known metabolites can be determined simultaneously. Selectivity for the rapid screening and quantification is based on high-resolution EIC traces, i.e. extracted ion traces with a window down to a few mDa created in full scan LC-TOF datasets. To confirm the presence of target metabolites accurate mass, isotopic pattern, retention time and qualifier ions can be taken into account. Compound databases are easily customizable to enable quick method adaptations and retrospective data evaluation without the need to reanalyze samples. 

GC-MS based

Following biomarker identification, an absolute quantification of the target compounds is usually performed. To minimize matrix effects and obtain superior sensitivity levels, Bruker´s GC-MS triple quadrupole systems  are the instruments of choice for this task.

NMR Based

NMR is “intrinsically” quantitative and therefore perfectly suited for targeted Metabolomics. One example is Bruker`s NMR based JuiceScreener™ which simultaneously quantifies all relevant organic ingredients for juice assessment. In addition the technique allows a Non-Targeted multi marker approach that is based on the simultaneous assessment of concentration deviations of hundreds of compounds.


For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.