Highest Accuracy Defect and Roughness Metrology

The manufacture of high precision bearings, races and associated hardware at high volumes without compromising end product quality necessitates fast, non-contact inspection. To ensure high-quality results, accurate defect identification and surface roughness characterization of select samples of the production output must be performed.

Bruker’s UMT TriboLab mechanical tester is designed for tribology testing in real-world conditions. TriboLab can perform practically every common tribological test on nano and micro scales. Due to its range of testing abilities and multiple possible configurations, it is used extensively for QA and QC applications in bearings manufacturing.

Bruker’s 3D optical microscopes uniquely address the needs for fast, non-contact measurements in a production setting. They provide high-quality solutions for the accurate characterization of bearing production line output, increasing confidence and improving manufacturers’ bottom lines. Applications such as roughness, surface quality, and lubricant film thickness can be addressed and processes optimized for best quality output.

For a detailed spatially resolved analysis, such as in QA/QC, failure analysis or R&D on the micro and nanometer scale, Bruker's electron microscope analyzers and Micro-XRF systems are an ideal tool to solve tough analytical tasks.