OPUS BasePackage Programming

OPUS Base Package: Programming

For the realization of customized measurement, processing and evaluation procedures, OPUS offers an extremely powerful macro engine and VB script abilities. But also for communication with other programs there exist suitable interfaces.

  • Powerful Macro Engine: an OPUS macro can incorporate virtually all OPUS functions as well as conditional combinations of them. Thus OPUS macros allow defining customized work flows and can be made available to others as OPUS toolbar icons or menu entries.
  • Interactive Macro Editor & Wizard: also unexperienced programmers familiarize themselves fast with this editor. E.g. existing OPUS functions can simply be inserted into the code by clicking on the corresponding function icons. In addition for non-programmers a completely graphical editor with macro wizard is included.
  • Further Macro Highlights: Macro Debugger, Syntax check and automatic correction option. Compilation into binary macro format for faster execution and to protect the macro content from unauthorized persons.
  • Visual Basic Script Engine: also VB scripts can be executed within the OPUS environment, allowing for even more flexible interaction objects. Furthermore OPUS also includes a graphical VB script editor for modification of existing or creation of new VB scripts.
  • DDE Interface: dynamic data exchange for communication/connection with other programs such as e.g. LabVIEW. Furthermore an OPC based LabVIEW virtual instrument is available on request.
  • Further Interfaces: pipe communication, http server and OPC server (basic version).
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