OPUS BasePackage Reports

OPUS Base Package: Reporting

Once the data is evaluated it is a common wish to summarize the main results in a report, providing a condensed and well-arranged overview of the analysis. With the Analysis Report Generator (ARG) OPUS provides an appropriate solution to meet also this requirement.

  • Interactive Setup: configure content and appearance of your analysis report interactively.
  • Individual Layout: choose your preferred layout options such as font and font size and include your own company logo.
  • Embedding of Spectra Plots: add those spectra plots to the report which are really relevant to you e.g. depending on evaluation result ("OK" or "not OK" etc.).
  • Selective Access to Parameters and Results: choose which parameters and results shall be included in the report by accessing the corresponding blocks of the OPUS file.
  • Output Format Options: direct printer output, export to PDF or CSV spreadsheet format, compatible with e.g. MS Excel and Origin etc.
Interactive setup of report structure and appearance