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scimaX brings “high hanging fruit” within reach …

… for applications like MALDI Imaging, Metabolomics, Petroleomics, and more

MALDI and MALDI imaging

Maldi imaging

scimaX is the ultimate MALDI imaging system for analyzing small to medium sized molecules. Its unrivaled eXtreme Resolution capability and sub- ppm mass accuracy, over a wide mass range, can differentiate images that are only mDa apart and are prerequisite for IFS analysis and formula confirmation.

Analyze complex mixtures directly with the speed and robustness of MALDI.  Visualize and map molecular distributions without molecular labels using MALDI imaging, and determine molecular changes occurring in spatially significant regions of samples.

MALDI Imaging

Phenotyping workflow for large cohorts

AXelerate 100

scimaX eXtreme Resolution allows for chromatography-free acquisition complementary to established NMR based solutions. The MRMS aXelerate workflow breaks free of LC throughput limitations and allows analysis of over 200 samples a day. This solution with MetaboScape based processing enables automatic annotation of molecular formulae for hundreds of known metabolites and molecular formulae generation for thousands of unknown analytes in complex samples for metabolomics and phenomics studies.


Molecular Classification of Petroleum


When seeing every molecule matters, MRMS is mandatory to unravel the potentially hundreds of isobaric species in complex mixture analysis, placing MRMS as the industrial standard for Petroleomics.  Now, scimaX enables high field performance at 7T, breaking conventional norms for complex mixture analysis.


For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.