SkyScan 1173, X-ray Micro-CT



The SkyScan 1173 is a high energy micro-CT scanner for large and dense objects with spiral scan possibility. It includes a newly developed 130kV microfocus X-ray source with improved stability of the focal spot position, a large format (>5Mp) flat panel sensor with special protection by a lead-glass fiber-optic window for achieving a long lifetime under high energy X-rays, and a precision object manipulator for large (up to 140mm in diameter, 200mm in length) and heavy (several kilograms) objects with an integrated micro-positioning stage.

  • リング・アーティファクトを除去、分割スキャンの繋ぎ合わせを除去
  • メンテナンスフリー130kVのX線源
  • 歪みフリーのフラットパネル検出器
  • 最高140mmまでの試料サイズに対応
  • 7μmを超える空間分解能
  • 長軸方向に長い試料のコネクト・スキャン機能
  • 2D/3Dイメージ分析とリアリスティック可視化