Automated features included:

  • Instrument self testing
  • Instrument status logging
  • Bar coded sample holder verifies dose range
  • Auto-detection of bar coded alanine films
  • Calibration coefficient calculation
  • Dose calculation
  • Data transfer to Excel

The e-scan measurement routine is simple, fast and minimizes decision making for routine operators.

1. Click start to begin measurement.

2. Instrument check is performed.

3. Insert dosimeter and enter sample name.

4. Dosimeter is measured and the dose calculated.

5. The dose results are transferred to Excel automatically.

Alanine Dosimeters...

The e-scan provides outstanding performance over the entire range for alanine dosimetry. Special dosimeter holders (patents pending) are tailored to fit either alanine film or pellet dosimeters. The dosimeter holder and associated dose range are recognized by the e-scan software which allows critical instrument parameters and dosimeter calibration coefficients to be automatically set for the routine operator.

Individually wrapped, bar code labeled BioMax Alanine Dosimeter Films (developed by Eastman Kodak Company patent pending in cooperation with Bruker BioSpin) provide automatic sample identification and archiving. After inserting the BioMax dosimeter into the e-scan, the sample information is recorded by the bar code reader and the measurement is automatically initiated.

Alanine dosimetry ApplicationAlanine dosimetry Application