• 24 bit center field resolution, corresponding to a precision of <1 mG
  • 24 bit signal digitization
  • Up to 256,000 points for field sweep
  • Full freedom in magnetic field sweep from 100 mG up to the maximum field
  • Independent of conversion time, large and small signals can be detected with one gain setting
  • Dual channel, simultaneous detection of 1st and 2nd harmonic
    (or 0° and 90° modulation phase)
  • Sensitivity up to 2000:1 (International Weak-Pitch Protocol) with PremiumX
  • Easy upgrade to multifrequency CW-EPR from L-band to Q-band
  • CW-ENDOR for the first time in this spectrometer class 
  • Range of accessories and dedicated resonators
  • Devoted Instruments