Cryogen-Free Systems

In-Cavity & FlexLine Systems

Sources of liquid helium have become limited, expensive and delivery unreliable. Bruker now introduces two cryogen-free EPR variable temperature systems for both CW and Pulse EPR spectroscopy. These systems free the spectroscopist from the need to purchase liquid cryogens to attain the low temperatures required for many EPR experiments. Both cryostats utilize standard sample tubes and allow rapid sample interchange. One compressor and electronic controller can service both cryostats.

Features of both Systems

  • Requires no liquid helium
  • Reduces cost of low temperature experiments
  • Two base temperature options



Features of the FlexLine Systems

  • Negligible gaseous helium consumption
  • Optical access
  • Base temperature < 5.8 K or < 10 K
  • Fits in 56 mm air gap
  • Accommodates all FlexLine resonators

Features of the In-Cavity Systems

  • Gaseous helium used as heat transfer medium
  • < 1 hr to reach base temperature
  • Standard quartz insert dewar and sample holder
  • Base temperature < 4 K or < 10 K
  • Accommodates standard X-Band resonators
  • Low vibration factor means spectra are not affected
  • Rapid sample exchange
  • Variable temperature base to 250 K

Cryogen-Free Helium Recirculation System

New development to reduce consumable cost for ER 4112HV-CFxx

  • Additional compressor recirculates exchange gas
  • Adds 3 kW to power/water requirement
  • Purifier to remove Oxygen / Nitrogen
Recirculation Compressor

Cryogen-Free EPR VT Systems

  • ER 4112HV-CF42 In-Cavity Cryogen-Free System Base temperature < 4 K to 250 K
  • ER 4112HV-CF100 In-Cavity Cryogen-Free System Base temperature < 10 K to 250 K
  • ER 4118HV-CF58 FlexLine Cryogen-Free System Base temperature < 5.8 K to 250 K
  • ER 4118HV-CF100 FlexLine Cryogen-Free System Base temperature < 10 K to 250 K

System Requirements

  • Systems use 99.999% purity helium gas for thermal transfer
  • Additional 7 kW Power and Cooling requirement to system specifications
  • Available in 208VAC 3-phase and 400VAC 3-phase power
ER 4118CF-O cryostat mounted with the EN 4118X-MD4 Pulse ENDOR Resonator
ER 4112HV-CF100 Installed in 10” Magnet

ER 4112HV-CF42 Cryogen-Free System

In-Cavity Cooldown Profile