The ER 4114HT-1000 cavity resonates in the TE011 mode and features a Q-factor of 6000 containing all necessarry quartz ware. The low thermal expansion coefficient results in only a small resonance frequency drift due to wall heating. The three wall finger system made from high purity quartz contains both, the heater element and the sample holder, and is designed as a gas flow system having low temperature gradients in the sample region.
The high temperature accessory is completed with the variable temperature unit ER 4131VT-1030 and the power booster ER 4131VT-1020.
EPR studies of high temperature behaviour of all sample classes.
The ER 4114HT completes the temperature range for EPR at the high end. It covers the temperature range from 400 K to 1200 K.
The ER 4114HT is not suitable for 6" magnets.