Principle of operation

Ortho- and parahydrogen are two spin-isomers of hydrogen which at room temperature naturally occur in the ratio 3:1. Parahydrogen has a lower ground state energy than orthohydrogen and therefore, at lower temperatures the parahydrogen content increases.

The quantum-mechanical transition probability from ortho- to parahydrogen is very low unless the gas is brought into contact with a catalyst such as activated carbon. In the pH2 Generator, room temperature hydrogen gas is cooled in the cryo-cooler to below 40 K and fed through a conversion chamber with the catalyst, resulting in a parahydrogen content close to 90%.

Technical specifications:

Inlet gas H2 gas high purity 99.999 %
Inlet pressure 1 bar min, 10 bar max.
H2 flow rate 0.2 l /min max. (STP)
Conversion temperature 36 to 40 K
Cool-down time <1 hr from room temperature
Warm-up time < 20 min from conversion temperature
Outlet gas Parahydrogen fraction > 85 %
Inlet and outlet fittings G1/8 ”
Power requirements 110-230 Vac 50-60 Hz / 600 VA max.
Dimensions 68.5 cm (H) x 46.5 cm(W) x 66.5 cm (D)
Weight < 50 kg
Parahydrogen pH2 generator