Based on a 2 x 2 array cryogenically-cooled RF coil that combines the high sensitivity of Bruker‘s CryoProbe technology with parallel acquisition capabilities, the MRI CryoProbe delivers maximum imaging speed and highest spatial resolution at 9.4 Tesla.
The probe seamlessly integrates with Bruker’s powerful ParaVision 6 software, opening up a vast world of imaging protocols and experiment parameters to any researcher. With hardware recognition, and automatic tuning and matching for optimum performance and productivity, the rat MRI CryoProbe is also very suited to routine imaging environments.

The corresponding CryoPlatform supplies cold Helium gas via a closed loop circuit, eliminating any need for handling of cryogens. The patented temperature shielding technology guarantees safe operation and optimal performance.

Bruker is the pioneer and world leader in the development of cryogenically-cooled probes for high-resolution NMR, with over 1,300 units sold in the last decade. That expertise and foresight has been transferred successfully to the MRI CryoProbeTM, and already over the last few years, around 60 of these peerless probes have been installed worldwide.

Rat Array MRI CryoProbe