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ContourGT-I 3D Optical Microscope - Datasheet 1.4 MB

The ContourGT-I has everything needed to immediately measure on demand. Never before have so many advanced metrology features been available in one bench top system. 

ContourGT Objectives Chart 188 kB

Imaging specifications on both standard and high-resolution cameras for Bruker’s Turret Mountable Standard Objective Series and Non- Turret Mountable Objectives, which include long-working-distance (LWD), through-transmissive media (TTM), and low-magnification objectives.


• Correlating Advanced 3D Optical Profiling Surface Measurements to Traceable Standards - AN558 2.0 MB
This application note describes the advantages of the non-contact inspection method employed by 3D optical profilers, and discusses the best practices and measurement results for some specialized PTB (Physikalish-Technische Bundesanstalt) traceable roughness standards and other low-cost fingernail roughness gauges.

• VXI Universal Surface Measurements for 3D Optical Microscopes - AN554  2.2 MB
VXI is a breakthrough measurement mode that enables nearly universal measurement results on widely ranging surfaces. This application note briefly reviews the VXI technology and imaging and measurement examples from the LED, MEMS, and display industries.

• 3D Optical Microscopes Provide Key Metrology for Opthalmic Industrial Applications - AN552 2.8 MB
This application note discusses the manufacture and production of various contact lenses and intraocular implantable lenses (IOLs) and how properly deployed metrology, using advanced 3D optical microscopes provide a high return on investment to manufacturers in this space.

• 3D Optical Microscopy for Orthopedic Implants - AN551  1.9 MB
This application note discusses Bruker’s 3D optical microscopes' role in both the research and development and quality control stages of orthopedic implants manufacturing.

• AcuityXR Technology Significantly Enhances Lateral Resolution of White-Light Optical Profilers - AN548 1.4 MB
This application note details Bruker’s development of an interferometric measurement mode, AcuityXR, that effectively overcomes the optical diffraction limit, resolving greater detail in many surfaces without compromising the many other benefits of white light interferometry.

• Optical Profiling Provides 3D Measurement of Blades and Sharps -AN538  1.3 MB
3D surface inspection of blades and sharps can provide valuable information about lifetime and quality of performance to manufacturers.

• Optical Profiling Enables High Volume Stent Manufacturing - AN537  1.3 MB
This application note discusses how optical profiling provides non-contact, 3D measurement of stent shape, defects, and coatings, to enable high-volume production measurement.

• Characterizing Surface Quality: Why Average Roughness is Not Enough - AN511  6.3 MB
In this application note we explore how 3D parameters can be employed to provide great insight into surface finish and performance.

• Comparing 3D Optical Microscopy Techniques for Metrology Applications - AN503  1.6 MB
This applications note investigates the principle of operation for white light interferometry (WLI) and confocal microscopy, also known as laser scanning confocal microscopy (LSCM) and their different advantages and disadvantages.


3D Optical Microscopy 548kB
Novus Light Technologies Today, January 2013 Article discussing the measurement of surface topography using 3D optical microscopes in a variety of industries.