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Application Bundle Discounts

Add new capabilities to your existing system at a savings.

NanoMechanics Lab

NanoMechanics Lab Mode Group

Perform advanced nanomechanical characterization with Dimension AFMs. Benefit from introductory package pricing for our NEW NanoMechanics Lab, including PeakForce QNM and FastForce Volume Contact Resonance.

For the first time, accurate modulus mapping is available right out of the box, without need for a reference sample:

  • Features the most repeatable elastic and viscoelastic characterization
  • Covers widest sample range, from gels to ceramics



Advanced Biomolecular Studies Bundle

Resolve Molecular Imaging

Enhance your studies of single-molecule mechanics and biomolecular dynamics with RampScript and Fast Tapping on BioScope AFMs. Discounted bundle includes a Micro-volume Fluid Cell for in situ exchange of biological buffers and solutions.

Providing best-in-class, highest resolution molecular imaging on an inverted optical microscope:

  • Enables new dynamic studies with the fastest available imaging on a full-scan-range BioAFM
  • Addresses single-molecule biomechanics with the most flexible force-scripting interface



Nanoelectrochemical Module

Nanoelectrochemical analysis
Nanomesh electrode

Generate reactivity information with <50nm resolution and expand your nanoelectrochemistry capabilities for your Dimension Icon AFM. The nanoelectrochemical module includes Bruker's new PeakForce SECM™ mode and three-day installation and training.

Benefit from the only commercial solution to <50nm resolution scanning electrochemistry:

  • Acquires surface conductivity and nanomechanical data simultaneously, in liquid
  • Addresses fuel cell, battery, corrosion, and many other applications



Nanoelectrical Bundle

Nanoelectrical characterization
Carbon nanotubes

Join the innovators using PeakForce TUNA and PeakForce KPFM and enhance the nanoelectrical characterization capabilities of your Dimension AFM with discount pricing for this advanced module.

Making previously impossible conductivity measurements on soft materials a routine endeavor:

  • Provides the highest resolution, most repeatable work function measurements
  • Instantly correlates data for energy and smart materials research




Advanced Live-Cell Studies Bundle

Resolve live cell

Expand your studies of cell nanomechanical properties with RampScript on your BioScope AFM. Together with the Petri Dish Heater, the  Perfusing Stage Incubator provides the necessary environmental control for conducting live-cell studies over extended time periods. Take advantage of this time-limited bundle discount today!

Resolving nanoscale structures on living cells:

  • Adds environmental control and ramp scripting to create a complete solution for cell mechanobiology
  • Leverages Bruker's exclusive technology for live-cell viscoelasticity, receptor mapping, and more

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Trade-In Offers

Huge Savings for the Highest AFM Performance

Dimension AFM System Upgrade

3100to Fastscan

Upgrading to Dimension Icon® or Dimension FastScan® has never been more cost-effective for Dimension 3000, 3100, and 5000 users. The latest Dimension systems feature the highest performance and greatest ease of use ever seen in an AFM, and your trade-in is the most economical way to obtain one.

BioAFM Upgrade

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Upgrading to a BioScope Resolve® BioAFM will provide you the highest resolution imaging, most complete biomechanics capabilities, unparalleled optical/AFM integration, and fastest scanning of any AFM for life science research. Trade-in your BioScope Catalyst today for the best available pricing on this ground-breaking system for biological research.

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AFM Probes Promotions

10% Academic Discount

Place your AFM Probes order online at Use the coupon code ACA10 to receive 10% off your purchase as an academic institution.

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