Dektak XTL Automation
Dektak XTL bannerv v1


新しい触針式プロファイリングシステムDektak XTL™は、幅広いアプリケーションにおいて極めて高い測定精度、繰り返し再現性を実現する測定システムです。350 mm x 350 mmまでの試料セットに対応することで、定評あるDektakシステムの性能を200 mmおよび300 mmウエハ製造工程においても活用可能になりました。

DektakXTL operator v1
DektakXTL operator v1


The Dektak XTL features a small footprint and integrated isolation with interlocking doors, making it ideal for today's demanding production floor environments. Its dual-camera architecture enables enhanced spatial awareness, and its high level of automation enhances manufacturing throughput. Bruker's exclusive Vision64 advanced production interface with optional pattern recognition makes data collection an intuitive and repeatable process, and minimizes operator-to-operator variability.

New software features make the Dektak XTL the most powerful, easiest to use stylus profiler available. The system utilizes Vision64 software that is fully compatible with Bruker’s optical profiler line. The Vision64 software enables unlimited measurement sites, 3D mapping, and highly customized characterization with hundreds of built-in analysis tools.

Also use Vision Microform software to measure shapes such as radius of curvature. Use pattern recognition to minimize operator error and enhance measurement location accuracy. Data collection and 2D and 3D analysis are in one software package with an intuitive flow. Each system comes with a Vision software license which can be installed on a separate PC with Windows 7 OS so data analysis and reports can be created at your desk.

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卓越した性能と使いやすさを兼ね備えたDektak XTLは、タッチパネル、太陽電池、フラットパネルディスプレイ、半導体分野の産業用薄膜形成モニタリングの研究およびQA/QCでの評価において、新たな標準装置となる製品です。