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PI 95 TEM PicoIndenter Publications - 2017

Shear strengths of FCC-FCC cube-on-cube interfaces
Xuying Liu, Rui Hao, Shimin Mao, Shen J. Dillon
Scripta Materialia, 130 (2017): 178-181

Small-volume aluminum alloys with native oxide shell deliver unprecedented strength and toughness
Shi-Hao Li, Wei-Zhong Han, Ju Li, Evan Ma, Zhi-Wei Shan
Acta Materialia, 126 (2017): 202-209

In Situ TEM Scratch Testing of Perpendicular Magnetic Recording Multilayers with a Novel MEMS Tribometer
Eric D. Hintsala, Douglas D. Stauffer, Yunje Oh, S.A. Syed Asif
JOM, 69.1 (2017): 51-56

In situ TEM tensile testing on high-entropy alloy coating by laser surface alloying
Zhaobing Cai, Xiufang Cui, Guo Jin, Binwen Lu, Danli Zhang, Zhanming Zhang
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 708 (2017): 380-384

Fracture behavior of high-entropy alloy coating by in-situ TEM tensile testing
Zhaobing Cai, Xiufang Cui, Erbao Liu, Yang Li, Meiling Dong, Bingwen Lu, Guo Jin
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 729 (2017): 897-902

Local chemo-mechanical insights into the efficacy of ZDDP additives from in situ single asperity growth and mechanical testing
Xuying Liu, Ching-Yen Tang, Rui Hao, Kathleen Walsh, Chunliang Zhou, Shen J. Dillon
Tribology International, 112 (2017): 103-107

Mechanical properties and deformation mechanism of Al2O3 determined from in situ transmission electron microscopy compression
Kai-Peng Lin, Ivo Stachiv, Te-Hua Fang
Materials Research Express, 4.7 (2017)

Hardening mechanisms in irradiated Cu-W alloys
Gowtham Sriram Jawaharram, Shen J. Dillon, Robert S. Averback
Journal of Materials Research, 32.16 (2017): 3156-3164

Direct observation of dislocation formation and plastic anisotropy in Nb2AlC MAX phase using in situ nanomechanics in transmission electron microscopy
Yoones Kabiri, Nadine Schrenker, Julian Mueller, Mirza Mačković, Erdmann Spiecker
Scripta Materialia, 137 (2017): 104-108

Mechanical properties of metal-ceramic nanolaminates: Effect of constraint and temperature
L.W. Yang, C. Mayer, N. Li, J.K. Baldwin, N.A. Mara, N. Chawla, J.M. Molina-Aldareguia, J. Llorca
Acta Materialia, 142 (2017): 37-48

Study on fracture behavior of individual InAs nanowires using an electron-beam-drilled notch
Suji Choi, Jong Hoon Lee, Min Wook Pin, Dong Won Jang, Seong-Gu Hong, Boklae Cho, Sang Jun Lee, Jong Seok Jeong, Seong-Hoon Yi, Young Heon Kim
RSC Advances, 7 (2017): 16655-16661

In-Situ Stretching Patterned Graphene Nanoribbons in the Transmission Electron Microscope
Zhongquan Liao, Leonardo Medrano Sandonas, Tao Zhang, Martin Gall, Arezoo Dianat, Rafael Gutierrez, Uwe Muehle, Juergen Gluch, Rainer Jordan, Gianaurelio Cuniberti, Ehrenfried Zschech
Scientific Reports, 7 (2017)

Bond breakage under pressure in a metal organic framework
Zhi Su, Yu-Run Miao, Guanghui Zhang, Jeffrey T. Miller, Kenneth S. Suslick
Chemical Science, 8 (2017): 8004-8011

Deformation of small-volume Al-4Cu alloy under electron beam irradiation
Shi-Hao Li, Wei-Zhong Han, Zhi-Wei Shan
Acta Materialia, 141 (2017): 183-192

Dislocation Multiplications in Extremely Small Hexagonal-structured Titanium Nanopillars Without Dislocation Starvation
Peng Huang, Qian Yu
Scientific Reports, 7 (2017)

Facilitation of Ferroelectric Switching via Mechanical Manipulation of Hierarchical Nanoscale Domain Structures
Zibin Chen, Liang Hong, Feifei Wang, Simon P. Ringer, Long-Qing Chen, Haosu Luo, Xiaozhou Liao
Phys. Rev. Lett., 118.1-6 (2017)

Structural instabilities during cyclic loading of ultrafine-grained copper studied with micro bending experiments
M.W. Kapp, T. Kremmer, C. Motz, B. Yang, R. Pippan
Acta Materialia, 125 (2017): 351-358

Facilitation of Ferroelectric Switching via Mechanical Manipulation of Hierarchical Nanoscale Domain Structures
Zibin Chen, Liang Hong, Feifei Wang, Simon P. Ringer, Ling-Qing Chen, Haosu Luo, Xiaozhou Liao
Physical Review Letters, 118 (2017)

Quantitative in-situ TEM nanotensile testing of single crystal NI facilitated by a new sample preparation approach
Vahid Samaeeaghmiyoni, Hosni Idrissi, Jonas Groten, Ruth Schwaiger, Dominique Schryvers
Micron, 94 (2017): 66-73

TEM in situ micropillar compression tests of ion irradiated oxide dispersion strengthened alloy
K.H. Yano, M.J. Swenson, Y. Wu, J.P. Wharry
Journal of Nuclear Materials, 483 (2017): 107-120

Property Self-Optimization During Wear of MoS2
Rui Hao, Aleksander A. Tedstone, David J. Lewis, Chris P. Warrens, Kevin R. West, Philip Howard, Sander Gaemers, Shen J. Dillon, Paul O'Brien
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 9.2 (2017): 1953-1958

The Mechanical Properties of Nanowires
Shiliang Wang, Zhiwei Shan, Han Huang
Advanced Science News, 4 (2017)