ESPRIT QUBE — Advanced 3D analysis of EBSD/EDS data

ESPRIT QUBE is the most advanced analytical software for 3D visualization and post-processing of data acquired with EBSD and/or EDS on electron microscopes. Whether 3D data sets are acquired automatically in FIB/SEM instruments or by using conventional metallography techniques and standard SEM, ESPRIT QUBE’s unique quaternion based approach enables true 3D data representation and analysis.


ESPRIT QUBE helps you gaining an even more profound understanding of a material’s microstructure parameters, such as dislocation density and grain boundary planes, as well as grain, inclusion and porosity metrics. It provides advanced 3D insights into the deformation mechanisms of materials, and enables experimental and theoretical crystal plasticity studies.


ESPRIT QUBE features a multitude of powerful options for data filtering, sub-setting, simulation, and visualization. A selection:

Dataset editing and filtering

  • Slice alignment, cropping and deletion
  • Gauss, median and Kuwahara filters

Voxel based data analysis

  • Grain reconstruction
  • Local average disorientation (LAD)
  • Geometrically necessary dislocations (GNDs) density
  • Various maps: Euler, Schmid factor, phases, pattern quality, ...

Extensive data subsetting options

  • Phase and grain “metrics” subsetting: volume, area, ...
  • Texture component subsetting
  • LAD based subsetting

Multiple 3D visualization and exploration capabilities

  • Simulation of EBSD/EDS data cubes
  • 3D cursor and multiple slice & dice options for interactivity
  • Illumination, coloring, scaling, ...

Dataset formats and data handling options

  • Export/import of HDF5 formatted files
  • Supported import file formats: *.bcf, *.ctf, and *.ang
  • File export in *.vtk format for visualization in open software

ESPRIT QUBE complements QUANTAX EBSD and QUANTAX EDS for an even more efficient investigation and interpretation of simultaneously acquired EBSD/EDS data.

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