QUANTAX EBSD and SEM PicoIndenters

The combination of Bruker's QUANTAX EBSD system with the newly introduced SEM PicoIndenter nanomechanical instrument enables researchers and engineers alike to get a deeper understanding of the materials' mechanical response to stress by correlating microstructural characteristics provided by EBSD with mechanical properties extracted from indentation measurements.

Applications of this powerful combination includes but is not limited to:

  • Study of deformation mechanisms in metallic materials by 3D EBSD/EDS analysis of deformed volume underneath an indent
  • Residual strain analysis in a cantilever deformed in-situ using the PicoIndenter
  • In-situ tensile testing of electron transparent samples using the Push-to-Pull option and characterization of microstructural evolution through orientation mapping and Bright Field / Dark Field imaging using the OPTIMUS TKD solution.
Map EBSD & PicoIndenter
This image was acquired from a heat treated duplex steel sample after the indentation tests using the three lower diodes of ARGUS imaging system. The image shows topography and color-coded orientation contrast.


QUANTAX EBSD is Bruker's powerful, yet easy-to-use, electron backscatter diffraction analysis system. It features the unique e-Flash detector series with a technologically leading detector architecture and excellent performance in all EBSD applications.

The QUANTAX EBSD system is optionally available with the ARGUSTM forescattered (FSE) / backscattered electron (BSE) imaging system. Three FSE detectors positioned below the screen are used for acquiring color coded orientation contrast images. Two BSE detectors placed above the phosphor screen can be additionally used to acquire phase contrast images.

SEM PicoIndenters

Bruker's SEM PicoIndenter instruments are depth-sensing nanomechanical test instruments that can be interfaced with scanning electron microscopes. They enable the quantitative measurement of nanomechanical properties while simultaneously acquiring images with the microscope.

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Application Note EBSD-05 - Enhanced Nanoinentation of Duplex Stainless Steel