Alloy Guide, Handheld XRF Spectrometry

Free Alloy Guide for elemental and concentration data of common metal alloys

Bruker’s Alloy Guide is a free application (app) for mobile devices that gives you chemistry and concentration data for over 400 common alloys from the AISI grade standard.  The Alloy Guide is a browser-based app that operates on current generation mobile devices, including, but not limited to, devices that run under the iOS and Android operating systems. In addition, the app will run on laptop and desktop computers using HTML5 compatible browsers. See below for system requirements.
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Using the Alloy Guide: Three simple steps is all it takes

  1. Select the alloy standard (current choice is only AISI).
  2. Select the alloy family / base metal from the list.
  3. Select the specific alloy name from the list or start typing its name into the search box.

Results are then displayed.

(316SS Results)

System Requirements

This easy to use Alloy Guide is designed to interface with:

  • Devices/browsers that support HTML5
  • Most current-generation mobile devices, including, but not limited to, devices that run under the iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry operating systems.
  • The device must have internet access for the initial download. During initial use, the app is downloaded to the device. Internet access is not required for subsequent use of the Alloy Guide.
  • PC and Mac computers

    • The Alloy Guide requires a minimum (or higher) web browser of Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0, Mozilla Firefox 4.0, Apple Safari 4.0, Google Chrome 4.0, or any other web browser that is compatible with HTML5

Elemental Analysis

Bruker manufactures several lines of analyzers that are capable of performing elemental analysis on a variety of alloys