Platinum Analysis with Handheld XRF

Platinum (Pt), the platinum group metals (PGMs) and other precious metals can be analyzed with a handheld XRF gun to verify purity.  In order to be considered pure platinum, the object must contain 95% platinum.  High quality pure platinum rings are typically alloyed with Ruthenium (Ru) or Cobalt (Co) to be able to achieve the proper hardness necessary to make jewelry.  A less expensive alloying metal sometimes used is Iridium which lessens the value.  Find out how you can verify purity of your platinum and other precious metals now!

Handheld XRF can be used to insure the quality of your platinum and precious metals material in the following forms:

•    Platinum bars
•    Platinum Wire
•    Platinum Jewelry
•    Platinum Computer Scrap
•    Platinum Ingots
•    Platinum Coins
•    Platinum Foils
•    Catalytic Converters



If you’re buying, selling or recycling platinum and other precious metals, you need to be able to determine purity fast, effectively and reliably.  The Bruker S1 TITAN can provide you with the confidence and speed you need to make the most of the market today, tomorrow and as prices rise and fall.  In mere seconds you can determine the purity and value of platinum and other precious metals with laboratory quality.  Below are some of the advantages to using handheld XRF for platinum and other precious metals valuation:

•    Intuitive to use – you can be up and running in minutes
•    Sort in seconds – while the customer waits
•    Accuracy of purity is lab quality
•    No Chemical Waste
•    Track the difference between 93.00% and 95.50%
•    Results are saved and downloadable and printable
•    Achieve complete composition of material
•    Avoid overpaying for material of lesser value

A test stand enables you to analyze smaller samples converting your handheld XRF into a benchtop.  With lab quality data, instantaneous valuation and printable results, you can’t afford not to have a handheld XRF.  Contact us now to discuss your analysis needs!

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