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Teach Engaging, Immediate & Interactive Science with Portable Spectroscopy

A challenge in science education is engaging students with interactive and value driven science and providing instant feedback. We hope this page helps you teach students the significance of science in society, the rewards of gained scientific knowledge and how theoretical science can be applied to every day things. Teaching science with portable spectroscopy can help you enjoy more of those rare, but rewarding, student "aha" moments.

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Focus on the relevance of science & technology

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  • Why perform elemental analysis?

  • How does elemental analysis work?

  • Real-world STEM projects

  • Teach  beginners to advanced

Bruker Portable XRF Products

Bruker has portable x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers to help you teach engaging, immediate and interactive science.

We have highly flexible analyzers to meet multiple applications for graduate student research work as well as straightforward, less complex point-and-shoot ones for beginners.

TRACER 5i Camera screen

TRACER 5 series pXRF spectrometer; ideal for Methods Development, Research and Complex Materials.

S1 TITAN Camera Screen

S1 TITAN handheld XRF spectrometer for fast point and shoot analysis.