EDXRF, EDX, EDS Analysis: Energy Dispersive XRF Spectroscopy

EDXRF, EDX and EDS are all acronyms for instruments that use x-ray fluorescence to obtain elemental composition of materials such as soils, solids, sludges, liquids or powders.  Elemental analysis is the process of either qualitatively (which elements) or quantitatively (concentration levels of each element) identifying composition of a sample of material.  From ppm (parts per million) to percentages, it is possible to obtain a complete breakdown of the composition of known or unknown material with instruments that use EDXRF, EDX or EDS technology.  Click here to send us a query or to request a quick quote!


Below are the long forms of these acronyms:

  • EDXRF – Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence
  • EDX - Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy
  • EDS – Energy Dispersive X- ray Spectroscopy


Despite different spellings and words, each of these acronyms refer to the same basic analytical technique which uses some form of x-ray excitation in order to obtain chemical characterization of a sample.  The acronyms EDS and EDX are typically used when describing SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy) systems that, when integrated with EDS/EDX, allow one to obtain the structure, texture, chemical and elemental composition of a sample.  It can be seen written as SEM/EDS or SEM/EDX.

The term EDXRF or XRF is typically used when describing stand-alone benchtop XRF analyzers or handheld XRF analyzers however, EDXRF analysis, EDX analysis and EDS analysis are generally referring to the same type of analysis.  Contact our experts for all of you EDXRF, EDX or EDS needs!

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