S2 PICOFOX, TXRF Spectrometer, Trace Analysis

Universal Applicability with Detection Limits in the Lower ppb Range

The S2 PICOFOX is the world's first and only transportable TXRF spectrometer with detection limits in the lower pg, ppb and ppm range. The advantages of TXRF become especially effective in cases of very small sample amounts, liquid samples with high matrix content and frequently changing sample types.

Preferred areas of application

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  • Contamination analysis of wafers, solar cells, OLEDs and nano-particles
  • Quality control of pure substances and industrial products
  • Authentication in pharmaceutical and forensic laboratories

Easy sample preparation

TXRF analysis is suitable for any type of sample, digestion is not always required. A sample, which must be placed on a sample carrier, can be prepared easily:

  • Liquids are pipetted directly onto the sample carrier and dried subsequently
  • Powder samples can be applied directly to the sample carrier or prepared as suspension
  • Single micro or nanoparticles can be prepared similarily
TXRF spectrum of a NIST 1640 fresh water reference standard
Detection limits for the NIST 1640 reference standard