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Elemental Suite OES sets new benchmark

Analysis Desktop Screen
Analysis on Desktop

Elemental Suite OES is the newest member in Bruker’s successful familiy of software based on Bruker’s powerful ALASKA framework for instrument control. All Bruker optical emission spectrometers can be operated with Elemental Suite OES, covering the entire range of OE applications. Designed for maximum usability, Elemental Suite OES´s plug-in based architecture provides maximum flexibility for your analytical requirements now and in the future.

Analysis Touchscreen Screen
Analysis on Touchscreen
PMI Screen
PMI Screen

Analysis and PMI Screen

Elemental Suite OES assists you in your daily work. Automated average and limit checks ensure safe operation. Saving, printing and reporting your analyses can be done with one click. Designed for both Touchscreen and Desktop operation, the Analysis Screen supports variable font sizes and various skins to maximize ease of use. The ability to assign access rights to users and user-groups helps avoid operating error.

The dedicated PMI Screen focuses on important information when performing positive material identification. PMI uses an advanced, high performance algorithm when searching the integrated grade library. You can even import existing libraries using the built-in wizard. During PMI analyses, you can switch to the standard screen when needed. 

Create your own reports!

Report Designer
Report Designer

Elemental Suite OES comes with a powerful report designer which finally makes your analysis truly complete. Design your own reports by adding your logo and other design elements. Send your reports to printer, PDF-, HTML- or CSV file formats. Additional text fields can be added to your sample identification. Just drag them into your report - it´s that easy.

Limits that have been checked during analysis also can be included in your report. Different colors can be assigned if results are not within limits. Elemental Suite OES comes with several report templates, providing a good starting point to design your own cutting-edge analysis reports and certificates.

SQL Database

Analysis Viewer
Analysis Viewer

All analysis results are saved in an integrated SQL database. Use the Analysis Viewer to easily query your data. Create multiple views and customize them. Even past results can be included in reports. Backup and restore your data using the handy Backup Tool.

Minimize your gas consumption


Various settings can be applied to the gas control system in order to operate your instrument economically.

Monitor your instrument parameters

Instrument Status
Instrument Status

With Elemental Suite OES all of your instrument’s operating conditions can be observed in real time. Check your instrument’s state at any time. Vacuum level, HV-voltage and fan speed status can be displayed for aid in monitoring the functionality of your instrument. All parameters can be recorded for trend monitoring, helping with instrument diagnostics.  

Standardization History

Standardization History
Standardization History

Don’t worry about quality control. Elemental Suite OES lets you keep an eye on your instrument´s performance over time, providing stable and failure-free operation. Print out standardization history and show it to your auditor. All significant service events and modifications are logged to an integrated audit trail list.

Elemental Suite OES Regression Plug-in

Regression Plug-in

Elemental Suite OES’s user-friendly regression software makes calibration easy for every user and provides all important features for experts. Structured menu and comprehensive functions make the calibration process easier than ever before. Calibration curve sectioning, calculation of additive and multiplicative corrections, selection and de-selection of alloy groups support tailoring your calibration to your needs. With the best fit comes the best results. 

Elemental Suite Single-Spark Viewer

Single Sparks
Single Spark Viewer

The single-spark viewer plug-in allows investigations of single spark distributions for every channel at any time during analysis for single spark capable instruments. Information on the raw signals and statistical interpretation give additional information on your sample. Inhomogeneous samples can be studied in detail. Zoom functionality, multiple channel selection, and various statistical evaluation modes enable for differentiated data assessment. Single spark data also provide valuable information on insoluble element fractions. 

Elemental Suite & MCI


With the fully integrated MCI (Metal Cleanliness Inspection) option, Elemental Suite OES enables investigations on cleanliness, inclusions and oxygen leading to even more beneficial information about your samples. In combination with the standard bulk analysis, the MCI plug-in is a fast way of getting information within seconds. Immediate display of oxygen and other measurement data ensure fast process and quality control.

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