Why the S8 TIGER?

The spectrometer of choice for WDXRF analysis in your industrial application

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Here’s another reason why the S8 TIGER is a superior choice for Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis

REASON #13 – Safe sample analysis

SampleCare™ technology continuously protects important S8 TIGER components from contamination, ensuring accurate results and reliable system performance. 

SampleCare protects system components from sample contamination that can lead to inaccurate results or system stoppage. A tube shield protects the head of the X-ray tube, while the mask changer and vacuum seal protect the goniometer chamber, and if any sample breaks or leaks out, all system components are well protected and easy to clean.

SampleCare benefits

XRF Goniometer
  • Low maintenance and high instrument uptime due to unique protection during sample loading and unloading

  • Protection of key components during sample measurements

Need more reasons to choose the Bruker S8 TIGER?

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Safe Sample Analysis

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Precise Analysis