Helios, multilayer optics, sc-xrd component

SC-XRD Optics

The combination of source and optics is crucial to providing you with the X-ray beam that best meets your application needs and budget. Water cooled sealed tubes can be either combined with a flat graphite monochromator or the curved TRIUMPH monochromator for increased intensity.

METALJET, TURBO X-RAY SOURCE microfocus rotating anodes and microfocus IμS sealed tubes are all combined with third generation HELIOS multilayer optics for highest beam quality and intensity.

Graphite Monochromator

Graphite Monochromator, SC-XRD
Graphite Monochromator

The sealed tube with flat graphite monochromator combination delivers a large top-hat-shaped beam. We have engineered a short beam path to preserve highest intensities possible.

TRIUMPH Monochromator

TRIUMPH Monochromator, SC-XRD
TRIUMPH Monochromator

The curved TRIUMPH monochromator for Mo sealed tube systems provides a threefold intensity gain compared to conventional flat graphite monochromators. The TRIUMPH produces a large top-hat-shaped beam profile and is ideally suited for high intensity measurements on smaller and larger crystals.

HELIOS multilayer optics


The beam from HELIOS multilayer optics is in the 100 micrometer size range, provides a Gaussian profile and is ideally suited for the small crystals seen in cutting edge research.

Our latest edition, the HELIOS MX for METALJET, exploits more than a decade of experience in the field of synchrotron mirrors. This enabled us to develop a synchrotron-class optic for a home-lab instrument to generate the optimal beam for diffraction from the best in-house source.