ImS 3.0, microfocus source, sc-xrd component

IμS 3.0 Microfocus Source

The IµS 3.0 is the first-ever microfocus source designed from the ground up for crystallo-
graphy. Conventional microfocus sources adapt technology that was originally developed for radiography (non-destructive testing) and are thus not optimal for X-ray diffraction.


The IµS 3.0 makes no such compromises: every aspect of the source is specifically designed and manufactured for X-ray crystallography. 

This means that you get a much brighter beam than ever before: up to twice the intensity of conventional microfocus sources. The IµS 3.0, available in our D8 Solution Second Generation, also features significantly better stability than conventional sources.


Best of all, the IµS 3.0 retains the legendary reliability and long tube lifetimes of the IµS family, still backed by the industry leading 3 year warranty.

  • Up to twice the intensity of conventional X-ray microfocus sources
  • Completely air cooled
  • Very low power consumption
  • Very long tube lifetimes
  • Very little decay of intensity with time
  • Most stable X-ray output
  • Hermetically sealed, He-purged beampath
  • High reliability, 3 year warranty

Available in the D8 QUEST and D8 VENTURE with Cu, Mo and Ag Kα radiation.