D8-FABLINE, X-ray metrology solution

X-Ray Metrology Study of the SiGe Epitaxial Layer on a Patterned Wafer

XRD Lab Report - D8 FABLINE

X-ray Metrology Study Lab Report, XRD

Smaller, faster, and better are always the primary goals for the development of innovative semiconductor devices. Smaller, faster and more efficient – are the most important factors in semiconductor developments. However, these demands are becoming more and more difficult as it comes to 32 nm technology and beyond. Since the dimensions of the components are so close to the physical limit, new processes and new materials must be applied to IC manufacturing.

The extra complexities involved with these new developments bring new variables into the production processes. Consequently, new metrology tools are required to monitor more closely and in more detail in order to prevent severe yield loss. Among those new developments, the epitaxial silicon-germanium process is one of the most important changes.