S2 PUMA, elemental analysis

Analysis of Ferroalloy Granulate with the S2 PUMA

XRF Lab Report - S2 PUMA

S2 PUMA XRF 131 Lab Report

Ferroalloys encompass a wide group of alloys of iron with other elements, such as titanium, nickel or tungsten.

Alloys are used to develop certain desired characteristics in steel and benefit the production process: Ferrotitanium is alloyed in high-strength steels; ferrotungsten is used in high-speed and tool steels (see Figure 1); ferronickel is used for heat-resistant and stainless steel.

Two of the most widely used ferroalloys are ferromanganese and ferrosilicon. These alloys are used as deoxidizers in the manufacturing process of steel where they remove the oxygen content.